Managing Your Wealth

It is as much finesse as it is science

Our Investment Philosophy

All our investment decisions are guided by a rational, disciplined and structured investment process which is underpinned by our long-term view. We will not focus on high-risk, short-term investments but will instead manage your risk exposure in relation to your investment goals, and achieve a consistency of returns rather than absolute one-off returns.

Investment Advisory Services

We provide non-discretionary asset management services for clients who prefer to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments. Acting only in an advisory capacity, we offer nuanced guidance and support for your investment decisions. You are fully in control and no transactions can be carried out without your approval.


Discretionary Asset Management Services

When we have a discretionary mandate, we agree on an investment objective with the client and a benchmark before we begin to invest, drawing on a number of factors including income requirement and tolerance for risk. The kind of portfolio you want is established at the outset, and we, as your portfolio manager, make the day-to-day investment decisions to attain it.


Fund Management

Our investment decision process is enhanced with technological innovation, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve the consistency of achieving a stable risk-adjusted return over periods of market volatility.

The bedrock of our portfolio design lies in our unique portfolio construction, selection of asset class mix and risk management overlays to ensure optimal upside return with predictable downside risks. We cater to various types of investors along the risk-return continuum, from the conservative investor with a positive inflation-adjusted return objective, to the risk tolerant investor who targets a higher level of portfolio returns.

Our portfolios are rebalanced regularly to reflect the dynamic nature of investment risks and to exploit new investment opportunities within the confines of the portfolio mandate.

Theme-based Funds
These funds are created thematically based on persistent major global trends and offered to clients with certain return objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
Bespoke Funds
Highly customised funds are designed based on any individual client’s specific requirements, and can include various asset classes. We deliver a complete suite of services from fund setup, investment management and through to exit.